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Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts, Fond du Lac, WI. Feb 2014-April 2014.

Four years of paintings and simple sculptures chronologically strive to present more personal, clear and focused gestures dealing with linguistic codes, the painted surface and human perception. The 2D surface immediately distinguishes itself as an “illusionary” space in which to work, forfeiting all ideas of any “reality” as soon as paint touches the surface. Many are begun as simple textual prompts, then painted to exemplify the potential of the word(s) or representation of the object itself, no longer a “painting”, rather a shape in space. Words are just that, until our cerebral inclination and cultural contexts bestow them with meaning and inflection. The paintings are the inflections. By offering an expansive painting lexicon, SCHAPES N SHPACES illustrates the limitless conversation that the painted surface began in its conception and continues to have today.